At the Future Services Institute, we see in you possibilities for the futures of others. We know that change hinges upon people willing to step up to do the work that is necessary.  As part of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, ranked 8th nationally and 2nd in nonprofit management, there are a variety of formal leadership development programs.  Regardless of your choice, we feature our world-class faculty and create a cohort of like-minded leaders to learn and do better for the people who rely on your work.


What we plan to offer...

Our Human Services Executive Leadership Program is designed to strengthen the knowledge and leadership skills of professionals working in the human services sector. Human-centered service redesign and a focus on equity lies at the heart of this program.


Our graduate Human Services Leadership Certificate expands your horizons to include courses such as policy implementation, civic engagement, public budgeting and racial inequality. With a broad range of courses available, you can carve your leadership enrichment to your strengths and roles.

Either programs will provide a pathway to the Master of Public Affairs, a mid-career degree. Join the brightest minds in this field at the Humphrey School.

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What we currently offer...

Our Equity Works Leadership Institute (EWLI) program helps to advance adaptive leaders to lead inclusively and equitably in the field of workforce development. Individual changemakers will further develop the courage and skills needed to create capacity to lead organizational and systems changes. 


Together, we work to build a learning community that understands both demographic trends in the field and promising national and local program responses to develop and advocate for solutions. 

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This Summer Series continues to grow leaders to be versed in the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter. No matter if you are a seasoned practitioner or are completely curious, we welcome you to join us.

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      For more information, click on the flyer!


Our training sessions, Leading Courageously, Continuously, In The Human Services Sector, designed to help participants learn simple yet powerful practices that enable authentic engagement that builds community, activates shared intelligence, and motivates leadership for change.

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