The Future Services Institute is born from our belief in order to truly advance human services to improve the lives of all Minnesotans, we need to come together in partnership to do this courageous and important work. This is why we took this bold move forward, building this initiative from scratch. 

As part of the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, we believe in creating and nurturing excellence in leadership and management in various ways - through innovation, leadership development, and evaluation and research. Learn more about us here >>

Latest news and opportunities from the Institute

Sign up for the Minnesota State Two-Generational Approaches Workshop.


Throughout 2018, the Future Services Institute will conduct half-day workshops for Minnesota state employees to learn the two-generational approach lens and how to apply it to their work.

This concept is relevant regardless of which agency you are in. Each workshop begins with a site visit to a local example of multi-generational service delivery, followed by a hands-on workshop to explore how might you apply it to your own work.

Multiple dates available. Check out our page >>

Learn more about the Redesign for Whole Families Summit and lunch series!


Redesign for Whole Families: 1st Annual Research, Policy & Practice Series & Summit
May 14 & 15, 2018 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are hosting a 1.5 day Summit that highlights relevant research for policy makers and program leaders committed to integrating publicly funded human services to better serve whole families. Visit our page to learn more >>

There will be lunch conversations leading up to the Summit. Details are on the page above.  

Here for our insights into improving your organization? Check out our FSI Briefs & Reports.


We are launching a new series of briefs and reports supported by the best of what we know from research and the innovation work we do. 

To read what we have in store, visit our newly launched Briefs & Reports page >> 


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